Ribault Middle students surprised with new laptops

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Sept. 6, 2018 – They thought they were all gathered in the auditorium to hear a speech about digital inclusion.
At least that’s what the more than 250 Ribault Middle School eighth graders had been told.
The students listened patiently while special guests — including U.S. Olympic Gold Medalists Jocelyn and Monique Lamoureux-Morando and Comcast Senior Executive Vice President David L. Cohen — discussed digital literacy and equity on Wednesday, Sept. 5.
They even clapped politely as it was announced that five students, who had participated in a Q & A with the special guests, would receive new laptops.
But Comcast and City Year Jax — the school’s community and business partners — had a lot more in store for the students.
“We’ve got laptops and Comcast opportunity cards for every single one of you,” announced Senior Executive Vice President David L. Cohen as the auditorium erupted into applause and cheers from the students.
Kei-Myra Brooks was one of those students.
“I was surprised and shocked,” said Brooks. “I didn’t think they were gonna give it to us.”
The eighth-grader said having her personal laptop will help her with her school work. That’s because much of the work she needs to complete — especially her Geometry and Achieve 3000 school work — needs to be completed online. But she has to wait until her brother and sister finish their school work on one of the family’s two shared computers.
“I normally have to wait two or three hours,” Brooks said.
Not only did Brooks and her fellow classmates each receive new laptops. They also received an Internet Essentials opportunity card good for six months of in-home internet services.
The event was part of Comcast’s Internet Essentials Program, which is the largest and most comprehensive broadband adoption program for low-income families in the U.S.
We are so thankful to our business and community partners for their investment in our children!

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