Superintendent, Board recognizes teacher who aided student having a seizure

Sept. 10, 2019 – Last month, Bartram Springs Elementary educator Karly Hirst saw that one of her students was having a seizure, and immediately jumped to the student’s aid while keeping her class calm.

For her heroic action and quick thinking, Hirst was presented with the “Superintendent Coin of Excellence” at the most recent September Boar meeting. Additionally, a letter from the student’s family was read:

An excerpt of the family’s letter to the district reads:

“Ms. Hirst jumped into action when she noticed my son was seizing. She had instructed the other classmates out of the class so they didn’t have to view the incident as it was unfolding. She came to my son’s aid when he needed it the most.

She stayed by his side the whole time from the start of the incident to the end of the transport by Fire Rescue until we arrived at the hospital. She had all of the information that we had given her about our son in a folder of his medical conditions, medical history , his information, and medication he takes on on a daily basis. She calmed him down after he came to.

I was impressed by her actions being as I am a medical provider for the state of Florida. To have someone with little medical experience in true emergency situations handle it like she did. I commend her actions on the whole incident.

I would hope the school district would recognize her for her actions and courage for this as well. I can now be at ease because I know his teacher knows how to control the situation and take command and care for not only my kid but other children.”

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