In Their Own Words – Douglas Anderson students share why they created video “love letter” to their school community

April 14, 2020 – Kept geographically apart by a global health pandemic, musical theater students at Douglas Anderson showed they remained united in heart through a widely-shared music video that put their love for music, theater and their school community on display.

Now, students and Director of Musical Theatre Joe Kemper are sharing what led them to create this “love letter” to their school community and the therapeutic power of art!

  • “Art only requires two components to be successful: an actor (or artist or singer or writer) and an audience. One cannot exist without the other. Our audience may have shifted platforms a bit, but we wanted to show that we can still create and do what we love even if we’re not all together in the same room.” Joe Kemper, Director of Musical Theatre, Douglas Anderson School of the Arts 
  • “The arts are one of the few things that can bring people together in times of crisis. The joy in this video needed to be shared with the world so everyone could have a moment of happiness.” Mia Woods, Senior 
  • “This was important for us to do not only to remain and feel connected to each other, but to remind the community as a whole that we are still here for each other.” Aja Farber, Junior 
  • “Art is eternal and will continue to be made in the darkest of circumstances. As long as artists can create then they will!” Daaryl Wilson, Senior 
  • “The song repeats, ‘and we will come back home.’ Douglas Anderson is truly a home for students, and we want to keep it that way whether or not we are on campus.” Tori Oatway, Senior 
  • “A point I think the song makes is that ‘home’ is what we make of it; and we will always find a home within each other and our lovely DA community. Frankly, I don’t know where I’d be without this loving, safe, and creative environment.” Brandon Diaz, Senior

Watch video above to see the group’s inspiring rendition of “From Now On” from The Greatest Showman.

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