St. Clair Evans Academy is the new Northwestern Legends Elementary School

Aug. 13, 2020 – St. Clair Evans Academy has officially been renamed Northwestern Legends Elementary School.

The newly named school is located on the site of the former Northwestern Middle School and will house students and faculty of the former St. Clair Evans Academy.

School leadership, faculty, community stakeholders, and students worked together to come up with the new school name.

“This new school name speaks power,” said Lawanda Polydore, principal of Northwestern Legends Elementary School.  “Every student that enters these doors will know they have the potential to become a legend in whatever career field they choose.”

The campus is located at 2100 West 45th Street; Jacksonville, FL 32209. The main office number is 904-924-3100.  The school will retain the original school number 1241 from St. Clair Evans.

Read here for background info on the process to merge St. Clair Evans into the new school.

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