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Final window to opt into Duval HomeRoom closes; and other updates

Sept. 29, 2020 – The final window to opt into Duval HomeRoom for the 2020-21 school year closed Friday, Sept. 25.

During the nearly two-week enrollment period, there were 1,618 requests to transition into Duval HomeRoom , and 7,740 requests to transition into brick and mortar from Duval HomeRoom.

All selections made were for the second quarter which will begin Monday, Oct. 19.

During the next two weeks, school leaders will adjust master schedules to accommodate requested changes.

While this was the last opportunity to opt into Duval HomeRoom, families wishing to opt students into brick and mortar learning will have opportunities later in the year to do so for the third and fourth quarters.

Note – For first quarter, 27,756 students were enrolled in Duval HomeRoom and 79,643 students were enrolled in brick and mortar.

Additional update – Masks policy remains in effect

When Gov. Ron Desantis announced the state would transition into phase three reopening, many questions arose regarding school district face covering policies.

For Duval County Public Schools, the face covering policy has not changed. Face coverings are required on school buses and in schools with few exceptions. Additionally, face covering practices at athletic events and other activities remain the same.

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