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All secondary students to receive laptops through district’s “One to One” initiative

Oct. 26, 2020 – Distribution of brand-new laptops for middle and high school students through the district’s “One to One” initiative has started.

Approved by the School Board in August, this initiative was designed to bring all secondary students to a 1:1 ratio with a computer that they could use for both on-campus and at-home learning.

“Access to computers is critical for our secondary students,” said the district’s Chief of Technology, Jim Culbert. “Secondary students need computers for important tasks such as research, assignment completion and testing. This was true before the pandemic, which is when we began developing the initiative. But with the advent of COVID-19, the need is that much greater.”

Due to logistics and the number of laptops, Culbert said the distribution is happening in waves now through the end of January. That means some schools will receive the laptops before others. Each school will contact their school community when the laptop date/time has been determined.


What do students and families have to do to receive the laptop?

Both the student and parent/guardian need to review and accept the “Laptop Agreement” form.

  • First – The student should log into their OneView or Duval HomeRoom account. There, they will see a notification to view the agreement form.
  • Second – After reviewing the form, the student needs to click the “I agree” checkbox. (Note, there is no submit button).
  • Third – After the student clicks “I agree”, an email is automatically sent to the parent to review and accept the agreement form.
  • Fourth – After reviewing the form, the parent needs to click the “I agree” checkbox. (Note, there is no submit button).
  • Fifth – After the parent clicks “I agree”, an email is sent to the student notifying them they are eligible to check out a laptop. The checkout date/time is determined by the individual school.

Screen shot of laptop agreement form

Note – Every student will be issued a laptop. However, only students with the agreement form acknowledged by the parent and student will be allowed to take the device home.

Does the parent/guardian need a Parent Account for the child to receive a laptop?

Yes. If parents do not already have a Parent Account, they will need to create one, and they will need to link that account to their student. Instructions are on Note that the process begins online, but parents may need to visit their child’s school to complete the process.


Do students need to return their old laptops?

Yes. If students already have a district-issued laptop at home, they will not be able to check out a new laptop without returning the old laptop. They will need to bring the old laptop and its power supply to exchange.

Since last spring, the district has distributed thousands of laptops to students to assist with at-home learning.


How will students and families be notified that laptops are ready for pick up?

Each secondary school is working with the district’s tech team to set a distribution date.

The school will communicate its laptop distribution date and time to students and families.

Note – Due to logistics and the number of laptops being provided, the distribution is happening in waves now through January.


What about elementary school students?

While the new laptops are only being assigned to secondary students, elementary students will also benefit from this initiative. Laptops that were previously provided to middle and high schoolers will be turned in, refurbished by the district’s tech team, and then delivered to elementary schools for use.


Are students required to carry the laptops back and forth to school every day?

Yes, the laptops were meant for students to bring to school each day and store at home. If a student forgets to bring their laptop to school, we recommend they talk with their teachers for alternative ways to complete their school work.


Will these devices be available for the remainder of the school year?

Yes, these devices are assigned to students for the remainder of the school year. We will provide “check-in” instructions toward the end of the school year.

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