Transportation hopes to improve services through new survey

Jan. 19, 2021 – Whether your child rides the school bus or you drive behind one every day – the school district wants to hear from you!

In a survey running now through Feb. 14, the Transportation Team is asking for community feedback on how it can better provide transportation and communication services to all stakeholders including students, parents, staff and community members.

The survey asks participants to rate how important several services are including: Finding bus stop info based on school and address; viewing a walking path from home to the bus stop; and having a report of all routes available for the student’s school.

The survey also asks participants to rate how important it is to receive communication via smartphone or computer in several areas such as late buses and whether a back-up bus will be needed.

Transportation staff will use the feedback to refine and enhance the services provided to all stakeholders.  

Please click  Transportation Survey to begin.

Note: Length of survey will vary based on stakeholder type. If the stakeholder indicates on the second question that transportation is not important to them, the survey will conclude.

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