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Duval HomeRoom cancellation forms available for fourth quarter

March 2, 2020 –  Duval HomeRoom cancelation forms are now available for parents who wish to return their children to brick and mortar learning for the fourth quarter, which begins Tuesday, March 23.

The cancellation forms are available through the  parent Focus account now through next Friday, March 12.  

Cancellation is not required.

However, per the Florida Department of Education’s school opening requirements, school districts who offer learning options outside of brick and mortar must notify families of students not showing certain academic/attendance engagement in those options. For Duval, the criteria for receiving these notifications are:

  • D or F/NI or U in English/Language Arts and/or Reading
  • D or F/NI or U in Mathematics
  • Achievement Level 1 on the ELA portion of the district Progress Monitoring Assessment
  • Achievement Level 1 on the mathematics portion of the district Progress Monitoring Assessment
  • Less than 90% attendance rate

In addition to notifying the families, districts must also receive acknowledgement from those families that they have been shown their child’s status and they intend to keep their student in the online learning environment.

Parents and guardians with specific issues or concerns regarding their child’s progress in HomeRoom are encouraged to contact their school directly.

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