New CDC guidelines expected to impact district's state assessment protocols

New CDC guidelines expected to impact district’s state assessment protocols

March 19, 2021 – Early Friday, the CDC released new guidelines on social distancing as it relates to K-12 classrooms, including the recommendation of moving safe social distancing from 6 feet apart to 3 feet apart.

The district does not anticipate changes to safety protocols in place all year. This includes face covering requirements, temperature checks, desk shields, and frequent handwashing.

However, the more relaxed guidelines improves the district’s ability to implement state assessments.  

For example, because of the relaxed social distancing, schools can now test a whole class at one time. This will allow schools to create testing scenarios very close to normal for students.  

Even with the relaxed guidelines, schools will continue to provide pathways for Duval HomeRoom students to test comfortably. Toward that goal, plans for testing Duval HomeRoom students include:

  • Maintaining 5 to 6 feet of social distancing.
  • Testing opportunities outside of normal school hours
    • Elementary: after school and Saturdays.
    • Secondary: Saturdays

The district and schools will communicate final testing plans once those plans are complete.

In addition to assessment procedures, district leadership will look into the possibility of limited end-of-the-year field trips.

The district remains committed to the safety of students, staff and the school community, and will continue to strive to remain in alignment with CDC guidelines. If any additional changes arise following review of CDC guidelines, the district will notify families.

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