Transportation survey results to guide district’s next steps

May 14, 2021 – Receiving a text or email about whether their child’s bus will be late has been identified as one of the most important types of communication that stakeholders want, according to the district’s first ever transportation survey.

About 69% of responders said that having access to that type of communication is extremely important.

Gathering this type of information is very important in helping transportation leadership strengthen how they communicate with families.

“Our goal is to consistently improve not just how we transport students, but how we communicate with families and stakeholders about our services,” said Erika Harding, Director of Transportation Operations.  “This survey allowed us the opportunity to have a deeper understanding of what our families need.”

Among the other types of communication services that more than half of stakeholders said were extremely important were:

  • Locating bus information based on an address (62.50%).
  • Bus stop itineraries that include transfer information (59.66%).
  • Knowledge of magnet program transportation options, prior to selecting a school (58.98%).
  • Online notification when a backup bus is needed and/or in service (58.41%).

The survey period ran from Jan 14 – Feb 14, 2021 and included questions about transportation eligibility, communication, and bus stop locations.  Around 789 people participated in the survey, with parents and students being the largest groups to provide feedback.

This year, approximately 29,500 students use the district’s transportation services.

To view the full survey results, click here.

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