Virtual health services available to students through Hazel Health partnership

Sept. 30, 2021 – Students will soon have access to virtual doctor visits at their school, at no cost to families, to address a range of non-emergency physical and mental health needs like a runny nose, stomachache, or anxiety.

This new on-demand, virtual health care service is thanks to the district’s partnership with Hazel Health.

Through this partnership, both physical and mental telehealth care will be available to students at school or at home, Monday – Friday, from 7 AM – 5 PM.

To access these services, parents and guardians need to sign a Consent for Care form available online at

When can students and families access these services?

Hazel Health home services are available immediately after the parent/guardian signs the Consent for Care form. This means the parent/guardian and student can access care at home.

Services at schools are being made available in stages, as schools are equipped with Hazel Health technology and staff.

Once the school is equipped, school principals will notify their families through phone calls, emails, and posts on their school’s website and social media platforms.

Each school has created a procedure for how students with parental consent can then  access  an in-school Telehealth visit with Hazel Health .

What services are available?

The services available are non-emergency, urgent care. These services are meant to be supplementary and do not replace primary healthcare.

On-demand physical health services include:

  • Medical treatment: For stomach aches, headaches, rashes,  and everything in between
  • Medication: Prescriptions written or over-the-counter provided during a telehealth visit
  • Coordination: With family physician and return to school communications 

Mental health services include:

  • Scheduled short-term therapy visits: No waitlist for scheduled therapy sessions for coping with everything from anxiety, depression, and grief, to peer and family relationships and bullying 
  • Care management to local resources: Referrals to local providers for continuity of care
  • Coordination: Communication with families, local health providers, and school staff

How can students and families access these services?

To access these services, parents and guardians need to sign a Consent for Care form available online at

Are these services free?

These services are available at no cost to families. Services are available regardless of whether a child or family has health insurance. If families do have insurance, they will need to provide that information when completing the Consent for Care form.

Who is Hazel Health?

Hazel Health provides virtual in-school physical and mental healthcare  in K12 schools. For more information, visit

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