Thousands of dollars in school supplies donated to Charger Academy

Oct. 14, 2021 – Teachers at Charger Academy can now purchase thousands of dollars worth of school supplies thanks to a generous donation from one of the school’s community partners, RHP Properties.

Through its partnership with the national non-profit organization,, RHP made a $10,000 donation, with $8,000 going directly to classroom teachers.

The funds will be divided equally among the the teachers so they can order the supplies they need through, to keep their students safe and engaged in their learning.

“We are beyond appreciative of this generous donation,” said Andrea  Talley, principal of Charger Academy. “Our teachers and staff work incredibly hard to keep students engaged in their learning, especially during these challenging times.  This tremendous gift from RHP Properties and will allow our educators to provide students with the tools and materials they need to learn and succeed.”

“RHP Properties is honored to continue to partner with AdoptAClassroom and its mission to fulfill the critical need for school supplies across the country,” said Ross Partrich, CEO, RHP Properties. “Charger Academy was chosen so we could help support all the students who attend the school, including many from our nearby manufactured home communities. We take pride in giving back to the community and we’re pleased this donation helps ensure students and teachers have the tools they need to succeed.”

RHP Properties surprised teachers with the announcement at the end of September.

“This donation will be very helpful to our students and to the community that Charger Academy is serving,” said science teacher, Benedick Dela Cruz. “In this challenging time, this kind of gift is truly a source of inspiration to strive harder and do best. Thus, committing ourselves for #NothingButTheBest!” 

“I am so grateful for any opportunity to provide my students the best learning environment where they feel valued and supported,” said civics educator, Courtney Cardoza. “Teachers, especially a new teacher like myself, need all the help we can get so we can take care of our students. Huge thanks to RHP for this gracious donation towards the future of Duval!”

“My students and I are ecstatic about the generous donation from RHP Properties,” said mathematics teacher, Nichole Marquis. “It is organizations like RHP Properties that make the greatest impact on education. During these challenging times, materials to increase student engagement in learning and schools can be hard to come by without the support of community partners and donations. I am beyond excited and grateful to empower my students in their academic work by providing materials and resources all thanks to RHP.”

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