Recognizing Team Duval’s military students and community

April 5, 2022 – Team Duval is recognizing its more than 7,000 military children for their service and resiliency.

Military children face unique challenges, which is why the district has a full-time military liaison on staff who provides enrollment support and connects students to services such as counseling and tutoring.

In addition to this district-level support, schools with higher population of military students have full-time military life counselors who provide one-on-one services with students and their families. Venetia Elementary, Anchor Academy, Mayport Middle, and Fletcher High are among those schools.

Duval County Public Schools will be honoring military children throughout the month. On Friday, April 15, the Acosta Bridge will be lit purple, and on Thursday, April 21, all of Team Duval is invited to showcase their support by wearing purple.

If you are a military family who needs assistance with registration or enrollment, please email [email protected].

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