Anchor Academy students holding up a banner that reads "We are Military Strong"

Video – Celebrating military children at Anchor Academy

April 26, 2022 – From frequent moves to long deployments, there’s no doubt that military children and their families face unique challenges.

It’s why Duval County Public Schools is intentional in providing them with as much support as possible. That includes connecting families to military liaisons, military life counselors, and special clubs and activities.

Team Duval is also proud to participate in Month of the Military Child, which takes place each April. At Anchor Academy – which has an 80% military population – students, parents, and staff enjoyed the school’s very first “Purple Up” Parade.

Our Team Duval news crew was there to observe Anchor Academy’s celebration. Watch the video above to learn more about the heart behind this event, and why leaders say it’s so important to the military community.

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