Urgent care, mental health care available for students over the summer

June 7, 2022 – School may be out, but many of the services offered by schools during the year are still available. This includes physical and mental health care for students at no cost to families.

There are two primary ways students have access to these resources through the school district: One is through the Full Service Schools partnership.  The other is through the Hazel Health initiative.

Full Service Schools

Through the Full Service Schools initiative, free mental health counseling and support services are available to students and families.

This is available thanks to a partnership between United Way of Northeast Florida, Kids Hope Alliance, and the school district.

Free services include behavior help for children, mentoring, individual/family counseling, and after-school tutoring.

How to access:  To refer a student for services, families should complete a  Referral Form. More information – including where to submit the form – is available on the Full Service Schools webpage.  Families can also call the United Way information and referral hotline: 2-1-1 or 904-632-0600 to find a Full Service Schools site closest to them.

Hazel Health

Hazel Health is virtual mental health care and urgent care available at no cost to families right at home.

Through this initiative, students can meet with doctors over live video to address a range of urgent, but non-emergency physical and mental health needs like a runny nose, stomachache, or anxiety.

Services are available Monday – Friday, from 8 AM – 3 PM.

How to access: Care is available once parents and guardians complete the Consent for Care form and create a Hazel account. See video below for more info.

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