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Families have new way to update phone number used for important automated calls

July 11, 2022 – Families can now easily update the phone number that they want schools to use when sending out important automated messages.

These messages include calls regarding attendance, school closures, weather emergencies and/or possible security threats and lockdown info.

How to update primary phone number

Parents can review and update their contact info following three simple steps

  1. First, log into your Parent Account.
  2. Second, click on the “My Contact Info” link on the left-hand menu.
  3. Third, click “Edit Info” if any of the information under “My Contact Info” needs to be updated.

Important Notes – The primary email address — which is the address used to create the account — cannot be changed through this process. To update the primary email, parents will need to create a new account and contact the child’s schools. Additionally, there will also be contact info listed under “My Student Contact Info.” This is the contact information schools use to contact the primary guardian directly. To update this info, the primary guardian must contact the child’s school directly.

When should contact info be updated?

Families are encouraged to review and update their contact info before July 25. This is the date when the district will update its automated communication system with all the new contact info.

Families can still update their contact info after July 25. There just may be a 1-2 day window where they won’t receive important communications from their schools because their contact info is not in the updated system.

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