Students, staff, and dignitaries at the Rutledge H. Pearson Elementary School groundbreaking event

Half-penny funded plan stays on schedule as district enters year two

July 12, 2022 – Historic facility improvements, security projects and school rebuilds are in development as planned as Duval County Public Schools’ half-penny funded master facility plan begins to work through year two.  

Revenue continues to exceed projections

Funds collected through the voter-approved, half-penny sales tax exceed the original project budgets. However, market inflation and escalation of material and labor prices have also increased costs. 

The district has received nearly $122 million through March 2022. As required under Florida law, charter schools have received almost $18.9 million of this revenue.

Groundbreaking held, demolition starts at Rutledge H. Pearson

Families, community members, dignitaries, and others gathered for  a historic groundbreaking held at Rutledge H. Pearson Elementary School on May 20.

The groundbreaking marked the beginning of construction on the first major new school building under the district’s master facility plan.

Construction for the project is on track, and occupancy for the new campus with a capacity of 900 students is expected for August 2023. Students currently attending Henry F. Kite and Martin Luther King, Jr. schools will be reassigned to the new and improved Pearson campus upon opening.

Chaffee Trail Middle School designs under review

The design meeting between stakeholders for the new middle school has been completed. The district has received conceptual floor plans and proposed building elevations for the new school, which will serve grades sixth through eighth. Chaffee Trail Middle is anticipated to open in August 2024. 

Board approves design prototypes for Highlands and Southside Estates elementary schools

The Duval County School Board approved design prototypes for Highlands and Southside Estates elementary schools during the regular board meeting in May. The designer and construction manager for both onsite replacements have been selected.

Jean Ribault High School rebuild is accelerated

Staff have accelerated the planning design for the new school rebuild replacing the current Jean Ribault High School building. The designer has been selected and was approved by the Board during their regular meeting in July. Construction for the new campus is expected to begin in September 2023 with anticipated occupancy in August 2025. It will be the first new high school building in Duval County since Atlantic Coast High School opened in 2010.

Four schools begin the planning process

While Ribault High, Chaffee Trail Middle, Highland Elementary, Southside Estates Elementary, and Rutledge Pearson Elementary schools are advanced in the design and construction process, four additional schools are approaching the starting line for complete school building rebuilds.  Each of the schools below have an anticipated completion date of August 2025.

Additions and renovations

The master facility plan is comprised of much more than new school rebuilds. Many schools are slated for additions or significant renovations. Furthest along is North Shore Elementary School, which has completed the design process for its deferred maintenance to replace and repair structures around the school.  Westside Middle School has also begun the design planning process and is slated for an addition and significant renovation with an anticipated completion of August 2024.

Other schools soon to enter the design process for major renovations or additions are below. Each have an anticipated completion date of August 2025.

Safety and security projects on track

The district is also on track to complete the safety and security enhancement projects at all schools across the district within the first three years of the 15-year facility plan.

  • Year one schools: The design phase for the first 42 schools scheduled for safety and security updates in 2022 has been completed. Construction began in April and May with anticipated completion of all year one projects by late August 2022. See the complete list of the 42 schools in our last report.
  • Year two schools: The budgets, architects, and construction managers for the year two schools have been assigned. Year two schools are currently in the preliminary design phase. These 46 schools are expected to see improvements in year two:
    • Alden Road Exceptional Student Center
    • Alfred I. duPont Middle
    • Bayview Elementary
    • Brookview Elementary
    • Cedar Hills Elementary
    • Central Riverside Elementary
    • Chaffee Trail Elementary
    • Charger Academy
    • Chimney Lakes Elementary
    • Crystal Springs Elementary
    • Douglas Anderson High
    • Edward H. White High
    • Englewood High
    • Enterprise Elementary
    • Fishweir Elementary
    • Frank H Peterson High
    • Grand Park Education Center
    • Greenfield Elementary
    • Hendricks Avenue Elementary
    • Hidden Oaks Elementary
    • Hogan-Spring Glen Elementary
    • Hyde Park Elementary
    • Jacksonville Heights Elementary
    • James Weldon Johnson Middle
    • John Stockton Elementary
    • Joseph Stilwell Middle
    • Julia Landon Middle
    • Mamie Agnes Jones Elementary
    • Oak Hill Academy
    • Palm Avenue Exceptional Student Center
    • Paxon School for the Advanced Studies
    • Pine Forest Elementary
    • Pinedale Elementary
    • R.V. Daniels Elementary
    • Ramona Elementary
    • Riverside High
    • Ruth N Upson Elementary
    • Sadie T Tillis Elementary
    • Samuel W. Wolfson High
    • Sandalwood High
    • Southside Middle
    • Thomas Jefferson Elementary
    • Timucuan Elementary
    • West Riverside Elementary
    • Westside Middle
    • Westview K-8
  • Year three schools: The district has decided to move forward with the year three safety and security schools and begin the design process early. This will help ensure consistent levels of protection across the district earlier than expected.

For a detailed view of quarterly progress reports, visit the oversight committee documents webpage.

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