Learn More – Accessing medical and mental health services through Hazel Health

Sept. 13, 2022 – Duval County Public Schools is hosting an Awareness Campaign for the next two weeks to ensure 100% of its families learn about student health services through Hazel Health.

Through its website, social media, and emails to families, the district will share information on how students and families can access medical and mental health services through Hazel Health.

With parent or guardian permission, students can speak with a Hazel Health professional right from school or at home and the best part is it’s no cost to families!

On-demand medical visits are currently available at home and at school in your school’s clinic! If you would like to see how how this is working in DCPS, please watch this short video- https://vimeo.com/670894496/73a135f90f

On-demand physical health services include:

  • Medical treatment: For stomach aches, headaches, sprained ankles, asthma concerns, and everything in between
  • Medication: Hazel providers can send prescriptions to your pharmacy
  • Coordination: With family physician and return to school communications

Mental health services include:

  • Scheduled short-term therapy visits: No waitlist for scheduled therapy sessions for coping with everything from anxiety, depression, and grief to peer and family relationships and bullying
  • Care management to local resources: Referrals to local providers for continuity of care

Please note, Hazel Health will not provide care related to sexual or reproductive health. In addition, Hazel cannot complete sports or annual physicals and cannot administer vaccinations.

Families can learn more at https://my.hazel.co/duvalschools.

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