Jags student stands up to address peers during meeting

Video – Student voices elevated through the JAGS program

Jan. 24, 2023 – Simply put, it’s an opportunity for students to voice their concerns.

“We’re the eyes and the ears of high schools in the district that definitely grabs my attention,” says Cameron Marshall, a freshman at Riverside High School.

Marshall is referring to JAGS, or the Jacksonville Association of Governing Students. JAGS consists of student representatives from every high school, and their task is to provide input to the superintendent, school board, and district staff.

“It is the school board’s opportunity to hear directly from students and to get their issues, concerns, celebrations, and how they can positively impact the rest of their students populations with policy and other decisions that they have to make,” says High School Regional Superintendent Timothy Simmons.

JAGS members are automatically placed on the dress code, code of conduct, and mental health awareness committees. Students also have a chance to interact directly with the superintendent and school board.

In fact, our cameras were rolling as students spent time meeting with our Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Diana Greene.

“I remind people all the time that there are many more of them than us. And if we don’t listen to them, they will be heard one way or another,” says Dr. Greene.

Students are nominated to JAGS by their respective school principals. Watch the video above to hear them discuss the ways in which they are impacting district policy.

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