Teacher and students building a robot.

Students showcase STEM skills at Computer Science and Robotics festival

March 28, 2023 – From flight simulators, to robotics and 3D printing, students from schools across the county got the opportunity to show off their technology projects and better understand how their studies can start them on a path to scientific-based jobs.

Held at the 121 Financial Ballpark on March 21, the Duval County Public Schools Computer Science and Robotics Expo hosted 23 different schools. The goal was to spark an interest in science and show students where technology can take them in the future.  

“Today is about fun, but the reality is we are setting the foundation for technology understanding for students. This is important for our county and our state because these are the kids that will be employed in those jobs in the future,” said Dr. Peter Carafano, a Science Specialist with Duval County Public Schools.

Watch the video above to learn more about the Computer Science & Robotics expo, and learn more about Team Duval schools with STEM programs.

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