UF Health clinician working with a Paxon student

Next generation of doctors being fostered through UF Health and Paxon partnership

April 12, 2023 – The next generation of doctors and clinicians are being nurtured at Paxon School for Advanced Studies thanks to a new partnership between the school and UF Health College of Medicine- Jacksonville.

Established in January of this year, the Doctors & Clinicians of Tomorrow program pairs students on a monthly basis with medical professionals at UF Health for hands-on learning sessions.

Professors of UF Health say they are helping these high school students understand how their current studies could be applied to their potential career paths.

“These types of experiences will give students exposure to what a practice in medicine, or nursing, or pharmacy could look like,” said Dr. Madeline Joseph, a UF Health Professor.

The program includes monthly tours at the UF Health facility with a different medical focus each month. The most recent tour had students take a closer look at the pharmaceutical field. They got to see the innerworkings of the inpatient and outpatient care and were even able to create a Tylenol suspension with the help of Dr. Chardae Whitner.

“I just really want them to understand, even as patients, what all goes in to making sure they are healthy,” said Whitner, a professor with the University of Florida College of Pharmacy. She explained that this helps students develop a healthy relationship between them and their healthcare provider.

School admin and UF Health professors hope this program continues to blossom and build on school’s curriculum. Watch the video above to learn more about the Doctors and Clinicians of Tomorrow partnership, and to hear why students say they are gaining a new appreciation for medical workers

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