Screenshot of a film reel graphic that shows historical Raines and Ribault photos.

Untold history of Raines and Ribault high schools to be unveiled in new documentary project

May 5, 2023 – The extraordinary story of two of Duval’s most iconic school communities will soon be showcased in a new documentary film thanks to a partnership between Duval County Public Schools and LiT TV Network. 

Raines and Ribault high schools are the subject of the upcoming film, Legacies of Success on the Northside: The Raines and Ribault Story. It is scheduled for release in early 2024 and is being directed and produced by LiT TV Network, an international television network with a focus on telling inspirational stories in the black community. As an emerging new network in Jacksonville, it has partnered with the district in unveiling the histories of the two schools, while also capturing their evolution.

Both Raines and Ribault high schools are among dozens of school buildings that will be rebuilt as part of the district’s “half-penny tax” initiative which seeks to right-fix its old, deteriorating school buildings. The construction of the new Ribault High School is now underway, and the new Raines High School will follow in a few years.

“I am filled with pride to be part of this historic undertaking to capture the rich history of the Ribault and Raines High school communities as we simultaneously prepare for their incredible futures,” said Ribault High School Principal Gregory D. Bostic. “Even as we watch with a measure of sadness the demolition process of our old school building in less than two months, I also know that the spirit of the Ribault school community transcends any physical structures. This film will capture not only the exciting reconstruction of Ribault High, but also the enduring spirit of our community.”

“What a momentous opportunity to showcase the remarkable and intertwined stories of the Raines and Ribault high school communities,” said Raines High School Principal Vincent Hall. “As part of the Raines High School community, I know these stories have been passed down generationally among ourselves. But now they will be unveiled to the community at large so they can join us in reflecting and honoring the impact we’ve had in our city and the nation. We are indebted to LiT TV Network and their dedication to sharing positive, uplifting, and affirming content in often overlooked communities.”

The documentary will feature interviews from alumni of both schools, archival footage, historic memorabilia, and pictures of those who have helped shape the high schools.

“We’re talking about two black institutions here in our city that have an amazingly rich culture and history. This is very important to us that the district is willing to partner with us to tell that story,” said LiT TV’s CEO E.C. Weston.

The documentary is expected to be released during Black History Month 2024.

Film teaser courtesy of LiT TV Network.

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