Teachers begin receiving salary supplements thanks to one mill

(Editor’s Note: Below is a joint release from Duval Teachers United (DTU) and Duval County Public Schools.)

Aug. 21, 2023 – Friday was a special day for Duval County’s public school teachers.

Thanks to voters and taxpayers, Friday was the first payday teachers saw the impact of their new pay supplement funded by the voluntary one-mill property tax voters approved in 2022. 

With the new funding stream, Duval County Public Schools teachers will receive supplements ranging from $5,400 to $7,000. Teachers with a higher base salary will receive the larger supplements.

Support personnel, including paraprofessionals who work in a variety of school settings and office support staff, are also receiving supplements of more than $3,000.

DTU was instrumental in the campaign to educate voters on the teacher shortage and the need to better compensate the work of teachers.

Superintendent Dr. Dana Kriznar recognizes the success teachers are having in the classroom and appreciates the voters who made these supplements possible.

“Teaching is tremendously challenging work, and our teachers are having incredible success with our students,” Kriznar said. “I think almost all voters have a valued teacher in their life and understand the demands of the job and the personal sacrifices teachers make. I am thankful to the voters who said yes to supporting our teachers in this way, and I’m pleased to be able to see our teachers appreciated by the community.”

This year the district expects to collect nearly $89 million with this additional one mill. As required under Florida statute, charter schools will receive just under $20 million based on their student enrollment.  

Most of the district’s share, almost $58 million, will fund these teacher supplements.  About $20 million will support supplements to other district personnel including paraprofessionals and office support staff, and $11 million will be used to enhance funding for arts and athletics. School board members and senior level executive administrators, including the superintendent, do not receive supplements from the one mill.

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