Students and staff pose in the lobby of Dick's Sporting Goods with a large check.

Athletic upgrades coming to Terry Parker High thanks to $75k grant from Dick’s Sporting Goods

Nov. 20, 2023  – Student-athletes at Terry Parker High School have 75,000 reasons to celebrate thanks to a  $75,000 grant from Dick’s Sporting Goods.

The school was one of 75 schools across the nation to be awarded the company’s “75 for 75 Sports Matter Grant.” The grant commemorates 75 years of Dick’s Sporting Goods, while providing $75,000 to 75 schools in need. 

School officials say the funds will go toward improving the school’s universal weight room, upgrading and enhancing sports equipment, replacing uniforms, and helping maintain athletic fields.

School administrators said the grant will help bolster student participation in sports, especially for female athletes.

“We’re very proud of our athletes, and we just want to grow and continue to grow,” said Assistant Principal Eric Greene. “This is one of those important pieces so that we can encourage women in sports and get their participation going and to get more pride within Terry Parker.”

Greene was among dozens of staff and students who gathered at the Town Center’s Dick’s Sporting Goods last Thursday to accept the large check. Representatives at the store said it was a privilege to host the school at the site.

“Doing the check presentation and being able to host them in this building is really exciting for me,” said store manager, Courtney Norris. “Like we get to sell sports every day and that’s really fun, but when you actually see it affect your direct community, that’s really big.”

Niveka Parker, a senior at the school, was also present. As the manager of the school’s volleyball and boys basketball teams, she said this donation will be extremely beneficial.

“I know we’re a Title 1 school and for them to look out for us and understand that there’s a need and take that initiative to help us, I really appreciate that,” said Parker. “It’s important to build the school pride so students feel good about their team.”

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