Students holding signs and cheering on the football team as they head to the state championship game.

Mustangs head to state championship in style

Dec. 8, 2023 – “Go Mandarin! Win State! We Are Mandarin!”

These were the cheers heard this morning outside of Mandarin High School as the school community sent off their Mustangs in style!

The team will take on Miami Columbus at 3 p.m. today at Florida A & M University in Tallahassee.

The Mustangs hope to make history by being named the FHSAA State Champs for the 2nd time in school history!

Team Duval News spoke with Principal Sara Bravo earlier this week about how proud she was of her Mustangs.

“This group of student athletes are exceptional on and off the field,” said Bravo. “They are a team not only athletically talented and academically driven, but also steeped in integrity and joy.  I’ve never known a team quite like this one.  I’m also incredibly proud of Coach Bullock and what he has accomplished in two years as our head coach.” 

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