Twin Lakes Middle students participate in Innovation Day

Twin Lakes Middle students gain STEM skills through CSX “Innovation Day”

Feb. 9, 2024 – Coding, flying drones, and learning about artificial intelligence were just some of the STEM-enrichment activities that Twin Lakes Middle School students experienced on Wednesday thanks to the school’s partnership with CSX.

It was all part of a program called “Innovation Day” where students participate in hands-on STEM activities and learn skills directly from CSX professionals.

CSX leaders say they hope this experience enhances digital literacy among students as well as increases their ability to work in a team and be creative thinkers.

“It’s very important that we instill back into the education of the young minds, and that the students today can leave by saying I now know what STEM means to me,” said Christina Stallings, CSX Senior Technical Director.

Eighth-grader Madeline Galjour said this experience will prepare her for jobs in the future.  

“I think it’s important because there’s so many new jobs that are opening up in the field that we could go into and with the knowledge that we’re learning, it’s very valuable,” said Galjour.

The event also included the unveiling of the new additions to the school’s Stem Room such as an interactive board with AI technology.

Principal Aurelia Williams said she appreciates CSX investing their time, talent, and resources because it allows her students to get a glimpse of career opportunities that they may not have otherwise seen.

“I want the exposure for my kids so they can have options and opportunities,” said Williams. “I don’t want them to just be academically smart. I want them to have a talent and a trade beyond their furthest imagination.”

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