Magnet and STO Lottery Results: Frequently Asked Questions

My student is on a Magnet School or STO waitlist. What’s next? Answering your frequently asked questions.  

June 3, 2024 – This past spring, parents and guardians of Team Duval students who applied to Magnet and Special Transfer Option (STOs) received notification of the district’s lottery results. If students weren’t placed into any of the schools they applied for, they were placed on a waitlist for those schools.   

As we enter summer, we recognize families with waitlisted students may have questions. For instance, you may be wondering whether students can still get into their school of choice, or if they can change their mind.  

Below, we’re answering your frequently asked questions about what happens once a student is on a school’s waitlist.   

My student wasn’t placed in their preferred school of choice. What’s next?  

If a student wasn’t placed into any of the magnet schools they applied for, they were placed on a waitlist for those schools.   

If they also applied for a Special Transfer Option (STO) and were accepted, they will still remain on the magnet waitlist (s).  If they don’t get placed at the STO, they’ll be placed on an STO waitlist while their name remains on the magnet waitlist.  

If my student is placed on a waitlist, is there still a chance of getting in?  

There’s a chance a student can be accepted into the school if an opening becomes available during the summer. However, placement is not guaranteed. Families are encouraged to prepare their children to attend their attendance-area school. This will be the most likely option if a spot does not open up. They can also visit our Controlled Open Enrollment webpage to apply to a school where there are open seats.  

I didn’t receive an email notification. How do I know if my child is waitlisted or not?   

Waitlist and student assignment information can be found in Focus. Once you’ve logged into Focus, select the student’s name. Next, select “Child Info.” Then, select “School Choice Post-Lottery.”  

Are students placed on waitlists for other schools, even if they got into their school of choice?   

No. Students who are placed into one of their choice magnet schools do NOT appear on the wait list for any other school/program.  

My student didn’t apply during the window that was open in January – February. Is it too late to apply to attend a magnet or STO school for the 2024-2025 school year?   

No, it’s not too late. You can still apply through a process called Controlled Open Enrollment (COE).   

COE exists for those who missed the initial application window to apply for schools outside of their attendance area. COE allows families to apply to schools with open seats. COE runs mid-April through August, and also at the end of each quarter.   

COE applicants are placed at the end of existing waitlists on a first-come, first-served basis. Placement is not guaranteed. You can learn more about this process by visiting our Controlled Open Enrollment Page.  

Can my student remove themselves from the magnet waitlist if they want to?  

If a parent does not want their child to remain on the waitlist, they can reach out to the Office of School Choice and ask to be removed.  

Can I cancel a magnet or STO assignment?  

Yes. Parents may cancel a magnet or special transfer option assignment during the summer by completing the cancellation form

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