Duval County Public Schools maintains accreditation status in latest review

Team Duval soars in latest accreditation review, earns exceptional scores and feedback   

June 10, 2024 – Duval County Public Schools has maintained its status as an accredited school district following a high-scoring review with Cognia Accreditation, an organization known for working with educational institutions globally.  

Cognia additionally awarded the district with a final Index of Education Quality (IEQ) score of 385, well above the network average of 253.    

“By earning such a high IEQ, we did more than just secure our accreditation for the next six years –– we also received assurance that our hard work is paying off,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Dana Kriznar.  

Accreditation is a thorough, in-depth process that the district must undergo every few years. In preparation for an on-site review, schools and district departments spend months gathering and examining data, systems, procedures, leadership development, and more. 

In February, a team of evaluators from Cognia evaluated the district’s progress against 30 performance standards broken down into four Key Characteristics: Culture of Learning, Leadership for Learning, Engagement of Learning, and Growth in Learning. Evaluators also interviewed 40 principals, 130 teachers, 10 school counselors, 160 students, and 20 parents. 

Duval County Public Schools maintains accreditation status after high-scoring Cognia review
Cognia presents Duval County Public Schools with a certificate of accreditation at the May School Board meeting.

Duval County Public Schools earned the highest possible score in each of the four Key Characteristics, exceeding the network average each time. Among the key takeaways from the report:   

  • Culture of Learning. Reviewers noted the district “prioritizes continuous improvement by emphasizing relationships, inclusivity, and opportunities for both students and staff.”   
  • Leadership of Learning. Duval County Public Schools received high marks for demonstrating “exemplary leadership” in areas such as educational equity, political dynamics, socioeconomic disparities, and evolving curriculum standards.  
  • Engagement of Learning. Reviewers stated the district is “fostering quality instruction and enhancing students’ educational experiences.”   
  • Growth in Learning. Reviewers observed, “The evidence clearly illustrates the alignment between data, goals, and support for both students and staff.”   

In their concluding remarks, Cognia evaluators stated the following:     

“The team’s findings identified numerous reasons to celebrate. These celebrations exist because of the dedication and hard work of the leaders and instructional staff of Duval County School District. The parents and students of the DCSD are privileged to be part of a family that supports the development and success of the whole child. Much success has been achieved, and greater success awaits as the system continues its quest toward improvement.”   

“This latest accreditation review is proof of an amazing team that never hesitates to give their all for the good of our students and our community,” said Dr. Kriznar.   

The Cognia Global Commission met on March 28-29, 2024, and approved Duval’s Accreditation Engagement Review Report. On May 7, 2024, Dianna Weinbaum and Dr. Phyllis Gilworth from Cognia Accreditation Services formally presented the board with a certificate of accreditation at its regular monthly meeting. 

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