School leadership should determine superintendent, not politics, says school board member

Note: The below appeared as a guest column by school board member, Lori Hershey in the Florida Times Union on October 27, 2019. To view the article in the original publication, click here. While two small Florida counties progress toward better, more effective government, some of Jacksonville’s elected leadership want to set Duval back 50 […]

School board adopts resolution to bring awareness to human trafficking

The human trafficking resolution was adopted by the Duval County School Board on Tuesday January 7, 2020, during their monthly board meeting.  A RESOLUTION OF THE SCHOOL BOARD OF DUVAL COUNTY, FLORIDA, WHEREAS, the School Board of Duval County, Florida (the “School Board”), consisting of seven elected Florida Constitutional Officers, is the governing body for […]

School Board Approves Resolution Expressing Opposition to ‘Elected Superintendent’ Local Bill J-1

The last time Duval County had an elected superintendent, the school district lost accreditation. This was one of several points outlined in the Duval County Public School Board’s resolution to express its opposition to Local Bill J-1. The bill proposes to convert the position of the school district’s superintendent from an appointed one to an […]

Board Chair – Let the voters decide on a sales tax for schools

Two years ago, the Duval County School Board began a public process to fix dilapidated schools, many of which have served well past their expected building lives. Duval Schools Superintendent Diana Greene arrived last July and moved at a pace rarely seen in government. She and her team picked up right where our former superintendent, […]

Board Chair – It Takes All of Us to End Community Violence

During the Duval County School Board Meeting held on Monday, Sept. 10, Board Chairwoman Paula D. Wright addressed the growing problem of teen violence in our community. Her presentation included national, state and local statistics on teen violence including: Nationwide, 12 young people die ach day as a result of homicide and nother 1,400 are treated in […]

How Your Schools Are Funded

What you hear about how your schools are funded really depends on who you ask. If you listen to some people in Tallahassee, they’ll tell you funding is up. Which is sort of true. But, if you listen to someone who works in a large, urban school district in Florida – like Duval – we’ll […]

State Budget Doesn’t Add Up; Veto Urged

In my role as superintendent of Duval County Public Schools, I am strongly urging Gov. Rick Scott to veto the Florida Education Finance Program (FEFP) portion of the 2018-19 General Appropriations Act as proposed by the Florida Legislature. Superintendents from the 10 largest school districts in Florida are united in opposition to this budget, which […]