Team Duval athletic director makes history as first female president of Florida Coaches Association

July 3, 2019 – Scoring big is nothing new for Team Duval’s Tammie Talley.

But now, the District Athletic Director can add another impressive title to a long list of accomplishments – “first.” As in, the first female president of the Florida Athletic Coaches Association (FACA), whose membership includes nearly 6,000 coaches across the state.

The FACA inducted Talley into her new role at its most recent Summer Clinic, making her the first woman to assume its presidency in the association’s 83-year history.

In their announcement, FACA noted that Talley “oversees 42 schools in the district and has exemplified the utmost professionalism in her role as the Athletic Administrator for DCPS. Her colleagues around the state have great respect for her program and often rely on her for guidance. The current coach’s education program in DCPS is highly regarded and often duplicated. As a result of her ability, Mrs. Talley has served in leadership roles in various professional organizations and committees within the state of Florida to enhance the opportunities for student-athletes who participate in sports.”

Team Duval News recently sat down with Talley to discuss the exciting achievement, and to learn more about her vision as a statewide leader.

Team Duval News: How does it feel to make history as the first female President of the Florida Athletic Coaches Association? Tammie Talley: I am honored to serve the Florida Athletic Coaches Association which started in 1936. In the coaching world dominated mostly by men, I am excited to continue the traditions of the FACA but also start some new ones.

Team Duval News: What do you hope to accomplish?

Tammie Talley: It is my hope to lead this organization in the direction to grow its membership and continue to provide professional development for our coaches across the state of Florida.

Team Duval News: How will this role impact your role as Director of Athletics for DCPS? Tammie Talley: My role as the president of the FACA will provide not only opportunities for the coaches in Duval County but the entire state. John Wooden, the legendary UCLA basketball coach once said, “It’s what you learn after you know it all that separates the great coaches from the average ones.” I strongly believe in coaching clinics, conferences and certifications that keep you sharp in your game as a coach to not only focus on the physical aspects of the sport, but also the emotional & spiritual needs of the athlete.

Team Duval News: What inspired you to pursue a career in athletics? Tammie Talley: I was inspired to pursue a career in athletics by my high school volleyball coach, Holly Pickens. She was a mentor to me as I grew up playing three sports and impacted my life in so many ways. I wanted to be a role model to young athletes like she was to me.

Team Duval News: What advice do you have to young women who want to pursue a career in athletics? Tammie Talley: My advice to young women and athletes would be to work hard and do not be discouraged by statistics or road blocks. Follow your dreams to be what you desire as nothing is better than enjoying what you do every day and getting paid to do it.

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