District unveils new “Duval Homeroom” program for home education

March 18, 2020– Team Duval is working to bring the classroom to student’s homes through its new home education plan, “Duval Homeroom.”

A summary of the plan is below. You can also watch the video above to see Superintendent Dr. Diana Greene unveil the details of the new plan.

  1. High School and Middle School students – Almost all instruction and instructional interaction will be moved to online learning platforms. Teachers and students will be able to connect in real-time online and in teleconferencing.
  2. Elementary School Students and Buses – School buses will deliver standards-aligned, grade-appropriate educational packets for elementary school students. These packets will be combined with online learning platforms, and online teleconference instructional interaction.
  3. School Meals on Wheels – “Grab and Go” lunch will still be available at schools. And we’ll also use our buses to deliver school meals into neighborhoods as they deliver the educational packets. The bus delivery sites will be posted by Monday, March 23, on our Duval HomeRoom website.  Visit www.duvalschools.org and look for the Duval HomeRoom link to find this information.
  4. Phone number for technology survey – We need every family to complete our “technology availability” survey. You can complete this survey on a computer or cell phone. But if you can’t get to the survey for any reason, please call our technology help desk number, 904-348-5200, and we will take down your information by phone. The help desk is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Please call them Thursday morning to report your needs.
  5. Duval HomeRoom website – By Sunday evening, we will launch our comprehensive website for Duval Homeroom. This site will include links and learning materials students will need, instructions for families, and bus route information telling families where they can go to get the educational materials and the school lunch.
  6. Timeline – This week, we are working to prepare school leadership for this transition so they are ready to support teachers and other school-based staff. On Friday, we will provide training to educators. Over the weekend, we’ll work to close the technology gap and deliver laptops and air cards to secondary students who register their needs through the survey. We’ll also launch the Duval HomeRoom site. Monday will be an orientation to online-learning day, and the first day we will deliver materials and lunch through our bus system.  By Friday, March 27 – we hope that all students are fully connected and engaged in home-based learning.


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