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Inspire your school community with Duval Chalk the Walk

March 30, 2020 – We all need some inspiration! That’s why we’re taking the national “Chalk Your Walk” initiative and putting a Team Duval spin on it this week. It’s simple. Just like the national initiative, all you need is chalk, a sidewalk, and a kind message! On Thursday and Friday, write/draw a message and encouragement […]

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Educators share how they’re preparing for their virtual classrooms

March 20, 2020- Duval County Public Schools teachers are ready to welcome back their students in “virtual style,” as the new “Duval HomeRoom” distance learning program launches. Team Duval sat down with an elementary, middle, and high school teacher to explain how they’re bringing the classroom into student’s homes.

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District unveils new “Duval Homeroom” program for home education

March 18, 2020– Team Duval is working to bring the classroom to student’s homes through its new home education plan, “Duval Homeroom.” A summary of the plan is below. You can also watch the video above to see Superintendent Dr. Diana Greene unveil the details of the new plan. High School and Middle School students – […]

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