Student questions answered through “Ask DJ”

April 6, 2020 – Children love to ask why.

There are times when you may not have the answers. Especially when it comes to online learning, and the unique circumstances which we all find ourselves these days. We have a trusted companion to help children.

DJ, Duval County Public Schools’ endearing, four-legged mascot, has the answers to some common stumpers.

Children can email DJ from their DCPS email address with any question or concern, and DJ will respond. We will also post some of the questions and answers on the Ask DJ webpage for everyone to see. Questions can be funny, serious, or just curious wonderings.

Who is DJ and why is he an expert?

Glad you asked. DJ has quite the pedigree. Our credentialed staff of professional educators and mental health professionals speak on his behalf, so you can be assured your child will get age-appropriate responses to their questions.

Visit the Ask DJ webpage to get started!

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