Editor’s Note – the updated 2019-20 district calendar

May 6, 2020 – This post was updated today at 10:30 p.m. with the Editor’s Note below. The original posts are also below.

Editor’s Note:

Dear Reader,

Last week, we shared that the district was waiting on a decision from the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) regarding a waiver of required instructional hours due to districts extending Spring Break in response to COVID-19.

We learned today that FLDOE approved the waiver. This means, we will end as originally planned. May 29 is final day of the school year for students. 

April 29, 2020 – This post was updated at 3:45 p.m. with the Editor’s Note below. The original post is also below. 

Editor’s Note:

Dear Reader,

Earlier today, we shared the updated 2019-20 calendar.  The updates included designation of weather days as instructional days due to COVID-19 impacts.

This announcement about the use of weather days caused many questions and expressions of frustrations, contributing to the stress of this home learning era that many are feeling.  We understand and hope to provide a little more context.

  • State law requires that we offer and staff for a minimum number of educational “minutes.”
  • Because of the extended Spring Break, Duval County Public Schools would not be able to meet that minimum without using the previously scheduled “weather days” on our school calendar.
  • We have requested a waiver from the Department of Education, but as of now, the waiver has not been granted. While we are hopeful, we must prepare and modify our calendar to be compliant with state law.

We very much understand the challenges this learn-at-home season has presented for all of our students, families and staff.  We will share updates on this topic if there are any further change as a result of DOE action.

Original post

April 29, 2020 –  Approved by the School Board on Monday, the updated 2019-20 district calendar is now available at www.duvalschools.org/calendar.

The calendar takes into account adjustments that were made due to COVID-19 impacts.

The most notable adjustment is that the previous weather days — June 1, June 2 and June 3 — have been turned into regular school days to makeup for instructional time lost due to the extended Spring Break.

This means the last day of school for students is June 3, not May 29.

Other calendar updates include:

  • Spring Break extended by one week, March 16 – 19.
  • Teacher Planning Day moved from March 27 to March 20.
  • March 27 changed to a regular school day.
  • Early Dismissal on March 25 changed to a regular school day.
  • The last day of Quarter 3 moved from March 24 to April 8.

Note – Wednesday, April 29 and Wednesday, May 20 remain early release days. On these days, the school day will be  8 a.m. – 1:05 p.m. instead of 8 a.m. – 2:50 p.m. Main impact is slightly smaller window of designated teacher availability. Otherwise,  you may not notice the difference between an early release day and regular school day as virtual learning provides more student independence and flexibility.

Click here to print a downloadable version of the updated calendar.

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