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District-issued laptops to be updated this week, hotspots deactivated

June 16, 2020 —To provide students with the best online learning experiences, district technology services will be updating all district issued laptops this week.

Parents do not need to return the laptop for the update to take place; it will happen automatically. Just plug the laptop in, power it up, and leave it on for the next three days…easy. Students who are returning to a Duval County Public School in the fall will hold onto their laptop and/or hotspot until we return to school on August 10.

Students who will be attending virtual summer school, and will need a hotspot or have already received one, but it is not active, must contact the Service Desk at 904-348-5200.

District loaned hotspots will be deactivated this week. Please contact the service desk if a hotspot is needed for virtual summer learning.

The Service Desk will need the following information to activate hotspots:

  • IMEI number of the device
  • SIM card number (located on the device settings screen, under “about”)
  • Phone number (located on the device settings screen, under “about”)

Graduating seniors of the class of 2020, and students who will not be returning to a district school, can drop their laptop (including power cord) and hotspot off at designated locations Monday-Thursday from 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM. No appointment is necessary. Drop-off locations are closed on Fridays.

Drop-off sites

  1. Edward White High school
  2. First Coast High School
  3. Jefferson Davis Middle School
  4. Kernan middle School
  5. Lavilla middle School
  6. Mandarin High School
  7. Ribault High School
  8. Southside Middle School
  9. Terry Parker HS

Questions regarding laptop or hotspot returns?  Ccontact the Service Desk at 904-348-5200.


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