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Riding a school bus this year? Don’t forget to register

Aug. 6, 2020 –  Will your child need school bus transportation this year?

If your child is attending school at the physical location and you want them to ride the bus, you will need to sign into Focus and register them to ride this bus.

This is a brand new process this school year. The purpose is to control the number of students on each bus as a COVID-19 safety precaution.

Once you register your child as a bus rider, they will be assigned a specific bus number, bus stop and bus time. After Aug. 13, you can sign back into FOCUS to see that information.

Below are simple steps to follow to complete bus registration.

  1. Login to your Parent Focus account and select your child’s name. (If you need help creating a Focus account and linking your student, read this guide.)
  2. Select Child Info
  3. Select Forms
  4. Select Transportation Registration Form
  5. The primary address is used to determine the bus assignment. If the address is correct, go to “Does Your Child Need Bus Transportation” and select Yes.
  6. Click Submit Request.
    • If your family uses an alternate address for a bus stop, after clicking Submit Request, visit
  7. Repeat steps for any additional students

Bus assignments will be available after Aug. 13.

Have questions? Contact the Transportation Department at 904-858-6200 or [email protected].


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