Photo shows matrix for COVID-19 Campus Closures

What happens if COVID-19 enters a school community?

Aug. 20, 2020 – Duval medical representatives collaborated with the school district and the Florida Department of Health to develop thresholds and procedures in the event COVID-19 directly impacts a school community.

The district is prepared to shift classes to fully online learning through Duval HomeRoom in three situations:

  1. With one person confirmed positive and two with symptoms consistent with COVID-19
  2. With two people or more confirmed positive and one or more with symptoms consistent with COVID-19
  3. With three people or more with symptoms consistent with COVID-19

In all situations, those infected or showing symptoms must have a shared linkage such as prolonged direct contact in the classroom or bus within the last 96 hours. If a classroom is shifted for distance learning, the closure period is expected to be 14 days. The class and any related facilities (hallways, bathrooms) would be cleaned and disinfected.

An entire school will be shifted to Duval HomeRoom if 20 percent of the school is reporting exposure to COVID-19. Exposure is defined as prolonged direct contact with someone that has tested positive for COVID-19. Based on the results of a Department of Health contact investigation, the school building closure could last between two and 14 days. The school would be cleaned and disinfected during that time.

In all situations, the closure threshold and timeframe are subject to change based on outcomes of contact tracing by the Florida Department of Health – Duval.

As with any communicable disease such as COVID-19, the district follows Department of Health protocols to communicate with all impacted individuals. Duval County Public Schools has employed a team of rapid response nurses to work with the Department of Health with contact tracing in the event a person in the school community tests positive for COVID-19. Those students or staff deemed to be possibly exposed due to contact will receive communication on the steps to take.



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