See how each school benefits from half-penny sales tax

Oct. 12, 2020 – Whether it’s a new roof, enhanced technology, updated/new AC systems or removal of  portables, every school in the district will benefit if the half-cent sales tax referendum passes.

How they will each benefit is detailed in easy-to-read one-pagers on

For most, like Fort Caroline Middle School and Abess Park Elementary, the plan involves substantial renovations and enhancements to the existing buildings including fire safety, plumbing, roofing and electrical repairs.

For a few others, like Raines High School and George Washington Carver Elementary, the plan includes construction of a brand new building due to the age and condition of the existing building.

For every single school, the plan involves significant funding for safety and security upgrades such as new security cameras and more secure entrances and exits.

All schools have a plan, and each plan is available to review

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