School choice process continues

The School Choice Expo is over. Now What?

Jan. 12, 2020 – The virtual School Choice Expo may be over, but the school choice process continues.

Since the application deadline is not until Feb. 28, families can still research schools, take virtual tours, and speak with school leaders to determine the best school match for their child for the 2021-22 school year.

Below are tips to aid families as they continue the process.

Note: Families looking to enroll their children in VPK must also apply online. Learn more about registering for the 2021-22 VPK lottery.

  • Visit School Match 2021: Missed the School Choice Expo? No problem. Visit School Match 2021 to view recorded presentations from schools, learn more about school tour information and contact school leaders. Make sure to create a show planner account – if you haven’t previously done so – to have access to these resources. 
  • Review the 2021-22 School Choice Reference Guide: The guide contains a list of all schools with a snapshot of their special programs and educational offerings. It also walks through the application process, the lottery and important dates.
  • Know the different types of schools: With some exceptions, traditional schools can be divided into three different categories: Magnet schools, special transfer option schools, and attendance area (neighborhood) schools.
    • Magnet schools offer a specific focus, theme or career area. For example, Douglas Anderson’s theme is art disciplines while Darnell-Cookman has a medical theme.
    • Special transfer option schools are non-magnet schools that are outside a student’s attendance zone.
    • Attendance area schools are the schools within the attendance zone of the student’s primary residence.
    • Services such as transportation can vary based on the type of school a student is attending. For example, transportation is provided for most magnet programs but not for special transfer option schools. Understanding what category a school falls under may assist with answering  questions about its educational options.
  • Make an online appointment with School Choice: As a brand new feature, families can go online to schedule an appointment with a school choice specialist. To make an appointment, visit and click on “Make an Appointment.” Appointments can be made for phone conferencing or in-person meeting. Also, questions can be sent to [email protected]. Questions about military transfer option priority can be directed to  [email protected].
  • Remember the deadline: The deadline to submit a school choice application – including VPK — is Sunday, Feb. 28, 2021. The applications are online and available in the parent/guardian focus account. Visit here for a step-by-step guide on creating a parent account.

Reminder – The school choice process is for families wishing to select a school for their children that is not their attendance area school. No action needs to be taken if families wish to have their children attend their attendance area school or keep their children enrolled in their current school of enrollment. 

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