District launches school name change tracker

District launches School Name Change Tracker

Feb. 3, 2020 – Nine schools are currently going through the school name change process, and to help the community keep track, the district launched a new webpage.

The School Name Change Tracker, located at www.duvalschools.org/tracker, will help community and school stakeholders monitor their school’s progress and know how they can provide input.

Though these schools are going through the school name change process, this does not mean their names will be changed. Rather, the process is meant to allow the schools’ stakeholders to give their input and provide a recommendation to the superintendent. One of those recommendations could be to keep the school’s original name.

By visiting the webpage, stakeholders can see a clear explanation of all the nine steps involved in the name change process.

For example, as of this date, all the schools are at Step 3. In this step, the schools schedule community meetings to provide their stakeholders (students, parents, staff, alumni, and community members in the attendance zone) an opportunity to give recommendations for school names.

Most of these community meetings in Step 3 will begin in February. The last step in the process – a School Board vote on recommendation from superintendent – is expected to take place in May for the elementary and middle schools, and June for the high schools.

All dates will be posted on the Tracker.  Visit www.duvalschools.org/tracker for additional information.

The nine schools are: Andrew Jackson High, J.E.B. Stuart Middle, Jean Ribault High, Jean Ribault Middle, Jefferson Davis Middle, Joseph Finegan Elementary, Kirby-Smith Middle, Robert E. Lee High, and Stonewall Jackson Elementary.

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