Bus stop registration opens June 14 for 2021-22 school year

June 10, 2021 – Registration for school transportation in the upcoming school year will open up Monday, June 14.

With the exception of ESE services, families who wish to have school bus services for their child must complete registration

A parent/guardian Focus account is needed to register. (Follow these Five Steps to Create a Parent Account).  

To register for a bus step, follow the instructions below:

  1. Login into the parent/guardian Focus account and select your child’s name.
  2. Select Child Info.
  3. Click the Forms tab.
  4. Select Transportation Registration Form.
  5. Review your address. The primary address is used to determine the bus assignment.
    1. If the address is correct, go to “My student will be a bus rider and select Yes.
    2. If the address is not correct, contact your child’s school to update before proceeding.
  6. Click Submit Request.

Repeat these steps for any additional students in the family.

Bus stop information will be available after July 27. At that time, families can find their child’s bus info by logging into the parent/guardian Focus account, selecting their child’s name, selecting Child Info, and then selecting Transportation from the list. (Note – Info is available within 7-10 business days after registering, but no earlier than July 27.)

If your family uses an alternate address for a bus stop, after clicking Submit Request, visit DCPS Transportation for further instructions.

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