Answers to frequently asked 2021-22 enrollment questions

Note – This post is from June. Therefore, some information may be outdated. For the most up-to-date info, please visit the district’s Back-to-School website at

June 23, 2021 – The first day of school is Tuesday, Aug. 10, and many families may still have questions about what school their child is attending for the 2021-22 school year.  

Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions received by the district these past few weeks.

Still have questions? No problem. Specialists with the School Choice team are available to assist. Click here to schedule an in-person or online appointment with a member of the School Choice team. Or send an email to [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I enroll in Duval HomeRoom?
    • Duval HomeRoom as it was known last year will not exist as an option for the 2021-22 school year. Last year, Duval HomeRoom was an option due to an emergency order by the governor. That order has since expired. The district’s Duval Virtual Instruction Academy (DVIA) has an option similar to Duval HomeRoom for elementary school students. See next question for more information.
  2. Can I enroll my child in Duval Virtual Instruction Academy (DVIA)?
    • Registration for Duval Virtual Instruction Academy (DVIA) is open through Monday, Aug. 9. The “DVIA Enrollment” form is located in the Parent Focus Account under “Forms.” Two DVIA options are available: 
      • DVIA Full-Time – This is the standard “asynchronous” learning option where students work at their own pace.  This is available for K-12 students.
      • DVIA HomeRoom – This is a new “synchronous” learning option similar to Duval HomeRoom where students have instruction through Teams following a daily schedule. This option is available for K-5 students only. 
    • Parents/guardians can select the appropriate option on the form. After submitting the form, expect an email within 3-5 business days, with confirmation of enrollment and next steps regarding course selection and orientation information.
  3. If my child was in Duval HomeRoom, how do I enroll in brick and mortar? 
    • Students will automatically be enrolled in the school they are zoned for based on their residential address in FOCUS.
  1. Can I enroll my child in a school other than our neighborhood school?
    • Yes, through the Controlled Open Enrollment Process.
      At this time, both the standard and late application deadlines have passed. Controlled Open Enrollment is the only option for families wishing to enroll their student in a school outside their attendance zone. This process gives families the chance to apply for any school that has seat availability. 

      Applications will be processed based on the date and time they were received. Priorities and preferences do not apply. To apply to a school through the Controlled Open Enrollment process, visit:
  2. It is the first day of school, and my child is still on a waitlist for the school we have selected. What can I do?
    • Students who are on a waitlist are enrolled in their attendance-area school unless they are notified that they have been placed in the school they selected. Therefore, they must report to their school of enrollment. Remember – Placement in a magnet or special transfer option school is not guaranteed.
  3. How can I find out what my attendance-area school is?
  4. How do I register my child for kindergarten?
    • If you want your child to attend kindergarten at their neighborhood school, follow this two-step process below. More details are available on the Kindergarten Registration webpage.
      • Step 1 – Find your neighborhood school using the School Locator:
      • Step 2 – Contact the school. The school will provide you with next steps including how to create a new Student ID for your child, and a parent FOCUS account.
      • You may skip these steps if your child has already been assigned a school through magnet and special transfer option lottery process.  You are encouraged to still contact the school for orientation information.
  5. What is the process for registering my student for kindergarten if they are coming from a district-VPK program?
    • If the student is attending kindergarten in their neighborhood school, there are no next steps. They are automatically enrolled. Parents may reach out to the school for orientation information.  We encourage all parents/guardians to follow their school on social media.
    • If a parent would like their child to attend a school different then their neighborhood school, they may complete a Late Special Transfer or Late Magnet application through June 30.  Beginning July 1, we are in our Controlled Open Enrollment period. At that time, only schools with seat availability will be an option.
    • If the student is coming from a VPK program outside of DCPS (daycare/homeschool), families should follow the steps outlined in the kindergarten registration process:
  6. I am the parent of a VPK student who is going to kindergarten in the upcoming school year. They attended VPK at a school that was not their neighborhood school. Do they get to attend kindergarten at this school as well, or do I have to register them at the school they are zoned for based on their residential address?
    • With this scenario, the child will automatically be enrolled in the school they are zoned for based on their residential address. This is referred to as an attendance area or neighborhood school. That is because the VPK assignment is just for VPK, and it is only good for one year. If a parent would like to make a choice different from their zoned attendance area school, they may complete a Late Special Transfer or Late Magnet application through Wednesday, June 30. 

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