2021 Principal and Assistant Principal of the Year announced

Nov. 16, 2021 – Under her leadership, a struggling elementary school on the verge of failing leaped from a D to an A.

In fact, all but one school led by Master Principal Carolyn Davis, have become A schools.

Her dedication to improving student outcomes and motivating her staff to believe in that vision are factors that led Davis to be honored as the district’s 2021 Principal of the Year.

A group of school and community leaders led by Superintendent Dr. Diana Greene surprised Davis at her current school, Rutledge Pearson Elementary, on Monday to share the news.

“Every single school that Ms. Davis has been over has either gone up one letter grade or been an A or B-rated school,” Dr. Greene shared with the crowd of staff and students gathered to celebrate Davis. “We are so fortunate to have Ms. Davis. There is nothing that we could do that truly shows how much we appreciate her leadership.”

“She has a talent for finding a purpose for every child and adult in the school community and uniting everyone together to focus on a common goal,” wrote Kelly Kenney, an English teacher at Rutledge Pearson in her recommendation letter. “It sounds easy, but it truly is a gift that Ms. Davis has shared with our school, and we are forever grateful.”

Davis was one of two outstanding educators surprised on Monday with the announcement of winning a top honor.

Candice Glover-Bullock, assistant principal at Long Branch Elementary, was in the middle of teaching a class when she was alerted to a “crisis” in the hallway by Principal Wayman Graham.

“It’s a situation, come on Glover, come on,” Graham yelled, ushering Glover-Bullock into the hallway.

The “situation” was students lined along the hallway chanting “Glover” as the group presented the shocked educator with a bouquet of roses and the news that she was the district’s Assistant Principal of the Year.

“You all made me so nervous,” said Glover-Bullock after recovering from the surprise. “But thank you. I appreciate you!”

Glover-Bullock – who has served as an assistant principal, director of science, science specialist, and instructional coach in her 10-plus years with the district – was described by Graham as an “an over-comer, a problem-solver, an innovator, and a dynamic member of our team” who is “admired by her students, colleagues, and parents.”

Graham said that Glover-Bullock was his science specialist when he taught fifth grade science and math at the school. In this role, she helped him move student achievement from 53% to 85%.

“Mrs. Glover-Bullock does not work or serve for awards or accolades but inspires and impacts everyone she meets every day,” wrote Graham. “The academic knowledge and positive energy she brings to our learning community are second to none.”

Congratulations to both Glover-Bullock and Davis. They were selected by a district review committee among a group of esteemed finalists for Principal and Assistant Principal of the Year. Full list is below.

Principal of the Year finalists

  • Dr. Gregory Bostic, Jean Ribault Senior High School
  • Elizabeth Kavanagh, Neptune Beach Elementary
  • Suzanne Shall, Kernan Trail Elementary
  • Andrea Talley, Charger Academy

Assistant Principal of the Year finalists

  • Michael Byrd, Westside Middle
  • Georgette Jones, Garden City Elementary
  • Memsani Kohn, Baldwin Middle/Senior High
  • Hope Teper, RV Daniels Elementary

Watch videos below to see the moment Davis and Glover-Bullock received the surprise announcement.

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