Students encouraged to dream big, learn about entrepreneurship at John E. Ford during visit with noted author

March 25, 2022 – Students participating in the Future Entrepreneurs Club at John E. Ford Pre-K – 8  Montessori School had the chance to receive advice and guidance about being an entrepreneur from children’s book author and youth motivational speaker, Ty Allen Jackson this week.

Jackson encouraged the group to consider entrepreneurship as another option for having a successful future, stressing that anyone can become an entrepreneur no matter their age, education, or circumstance.  This includes children just like them. 

“You’re responsible for your own success,” said Jackson. “With belief in yourself and hard work, you can accomplish anything.”

Students shared their ideas for potential businesses and asked many questions such as how to take their love for animals and turn it into a business and how do business owners pay taxes.  Jackson answered the questions and shared that it was important for them to read books and become experts about the fields they were interested in.

The John E. Ford Future Entrepreneurs Club is for students in third through seventh grade and includes 17 meeting sessions.  Ty Allen Jackson’s visit was sponsored by the Kids Hope Alliance as part of their Celebrate Reading Week Events.

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