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Video – District shares gun safety information with families

March 23, 2022 – Duval County Public Schools is sending communications to families about the importance of safely storing guns and ammunition to help prevent accidental shootings involving children and youth suicide.

Participation in a national effort to improve gun safety was suggested to the Duval County Public School Board during public comment at a meeting last fall. 

After receiving that idea from constituents, the Board approved a resolution at its January 2022 meeting directing the district to share gun safety information with parents each year.  

The email that went to families and the post on the district’s app links to the above video, which includes Superintendent Dr. Diana Greene and school police Chief Greg Burton outlining the “SMART” approach to gun and ammunition safety.

S – Secure all guns in your home and vehicles.

M – Model responsible behavior around guns.

A – Ask about the presence of unsecured guns in homes where your children might play or visit.

R – Recognize the role of guns in suicide.

T – Tell your peers to be “SMART.”

Families and organizations that want to join the campaign to encourage gun safety can find resources at

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