Backpacks not allowed for summer learning programs

June 9, 2022 – Summer programs in Duval County Public Schools begin on June 13, and the district is asking families to leave student backpacks at home. 

In the interest of campus security and student safety, backpacks will not be allowed in school buildings for most students.  If students need to bring a backpack for some reason, schools will only allow the clear or see-through mesh varieties.

Students who need to bring computers will be allowed to bring those laptops in their computer cases, and students who need to bring food will be able to bring lunch boxes.  Small purses or handbags will also be allowed. Any of these items will be subject to search.

A great learning environment is a safe learning environment, and the district is taking these steps to prevent any kind of prohibited item from making its way on campus.

This precaution is only for the summer when there is generally no need to transport educational materials and extra-curricular supplies to and from home. For the upcoming school year, each school will determine its backpack policy and communicate that to families.

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