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‘I leave so very thankful for all of you’: Dr. Greene shares her reflections in a message to Team Duval

Editor’s Note: Friday, June 2, is Dr. Diana Greene’s last day as superintendent of Duval County Public Schools. The message below is from Dr. Greene to the community as she enters the next chapter of her life.

To all,

I started my career in education more than 37 years ago at Mamie Agnes Jones Elementary School in Baldwin, and now I will conclude my career as the superintendent of Duval County Public Schools, the 20th-largest school district in the nation. From my first years in Baldwin through my last five here in Jacksonville, I’ve enjoyed an incredible life of serving students and families here and in two other Florida districts. 

I can say from experience, if you are looking for a truly rewarding career – a career that really matters – you will find it in public education. Of course, there have been difficult moments. Any leadership role provides its own unique set of challenges. But the dedication of our team, the support of this community, and most important, the success of our students are the true rewards and the enduring memories that I will take into my retirement at the end of this week.

I have already written to our employees saying that I will look back with pride at our accomplishments as a district over the last five years. We’ve seen more schools achieve an “A” grade, removed all schools from the state’s turnaround list, and cut the number of low-performing schools by more than half. Most of you will remember that right in the middle of this trajectory of success, we experienced a two-year interruption from the COVID-19 pandemic. What our teachers and all of Team Duval did for children during that era should be remembered as an act of tremendous heroism, selflessness, and courage. I hope you will always appreciate the teachers in your life. Even more so, the teachers and school personnel who responded to the needs of children in the pandemic should hold a special place of honor in our collective memory.

As we worked to improve student outcomes and pivoted our way through unprecedented times, we also asked the community to make historic investments in our future through two voter referendums. Our many partners, stakeholders, and friends rallied around us, and our voters came through with their support in both. I thank you not just for your vote at the polls, but for the vote of confidence and the acknowledgment that what our schools do every day is vitally important and worth supporting.

Amid both the successes and the challenges, it is the relationships that matter most, and I am so grateful for all of you who have walked shoulder to shoulder with me during my years in this role. I hope you will continue to support Dr. Kriznar as she assumes leadership next week and will further support whoever succeeds her in the coming months.

I know that with this community’s support, Team Duval will continue to build on its well-deserved reputation as one of the best urban school districts in the United States. When I started in 2018, I asked all of you to get off the bench and get in the game — to become a part of and to support Team Duval. As I move into my next life chapter, I want all of you to know that it has been my distinct honor and pleasure to have served as your superintendent of schools, and I leave so very thankful for all of you who answered the call and helped us serve our children.

Very gratefully,

Dr. Diana Greene

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