Photo of a Centegix badge.

New badge-based, emergency alert system being implemented in Duval schools

June 26, 2023 – In the event of an imminent threat, school employees will be able to call a lockdown and alert law enforcement in seconds using an emergency-alert system that is being installed in all schools this summer.

Called Centegix, this badge-based system operates through a connection between sensors installed inside and outside the school buildings and a special smart badge worn by employees.

“Principals, teachers, and other school personnel are on the very front lines of keeping students and schools safe,” said Jim Culbert, Chief Information Officer. “We realized we needed to enhance their ability to quickly and easily initiate a rapid response using a device that can be in their possession at all times.”

Culbert said the badge, which can be worn around the neck with a lanyard or clipped to clothing, contains a button. When pressed in rapid succession, the button will simultaneously do two things:

  • Send an immediate alert to school administrators that there is a threat and a lockdown needs to be initiated.
  • Send an immediate alert to school police and Jacksonville-area law enforcement that there is an emergency and a lockdown is being initiated. 

The sensors inside and outside the school allow police and school administrators to pinpoint the location of the employee who activated the alert.

Training for school leaders will take place in July, while teachers and staff will receive training during their pre-planning week in August.

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Note: The district previously used the Raptor emergency-alert system which relied on cell phone use. This new system is integrated into employee ID badges, which district leaders hope will improve access and response time.  

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