District launches school name change tracker

Next step in the school renaming process – Voting

March 5, 2020 – The school name change process for nine schools continues with five of the schools scheduled to start their voting process after Spring Break.

These schools are J.E.B. Stuart Middle, Jefferson Davis Middle, Joseph Finegan Elementary, Kirby-Smith Middle, and Stonewall Jackson Elementary.

The Supervisor of Elections Office is working with all schools in the process to help develop balloting and voting procedures.

Voting is open to the following school stakeholders: Students, staff, alumni, members of the school’s School Advisory Council (SAC), members of the school’s Parent Teacher Association (PTA), and residents within the school’s attendance zone.

All votes must be cast in person to ensure voting integrity and provide a confidential experience for constituents. Digital voting as well as absentee ballots cannot be accommodated.

Background – The voting process is Step 4 in the nine-step school name change process. Step 3 is for each school to host community meetings to gain feedback from their stakeholders. After the community meetings, the school’s SAC committee meets to select up to five names (including the school’s original name) to place on a voting ballot.

Five schools will have completed Step 3 and be ready for Step 4 during the week of March 15. These include:

  • J.E.B. Stuart Middle – SAC will meet March 15. Voting period is March 17-31.
  • Jefferson Davis Middle – SAC met March 4. Voting period is March 15 – 29.
  • Joseph Finegan Elementary – SAC met March 2. Voting period is March 15 – 29.
  • Kirby-Smith Middle – SAC met March 1. Voting period is March 15 – 29.
  • Stonewall Jackson Elementary – SAC met March 2. Voting period is March 15 – 29.

For more information and to view the status of all schools in the process, visit www.duvalschools.org/tracker.  

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