Free JTA bus rides for families participating in School Showcase Saturday Jan. 7

Jan. 4, 2023 – A special JTA initiative will enable Duval County families who rely on public transportation to participate in the Duval County Public Schools’ School Showcase Saturday on Jan. 7.

Parents or guardians and students visiting different schools as part of the showcase event will be able to ride JTA buses for free. DCPS students must show their valid student I.D. when they board. Two parents or guardians can ride with them using a free pass which can be printed or downloaded from the School Showcase Saturday website. The passes are good for any fixed-route bus on Saturday, Jan. 7 only. 

JTA’s support of parents and guardians for School Showcase Saturday is an extension of their existing My Ride 2 School program.

“Since 2016, students have benefited from JTA’s construction of hundreds of miles of sidewalks so they can safely get to and from their neighborhood schools and we are very proud of that continued partnership,” said JTA CEO Nathaniel P. Ford Sr. “We are proud to support this event which helps DCPS students better understand how to improve their mobility by using our routes to get to and from school, work and afterschool or extracurricular activities.”

Duval County Public Schools Superintendent Diana Greene expressed appreciation for JTA’s commitment to schools and families.

“JTA is an amazing partner to Team Duval, and they continuously create ways to remove barriers and increase access to schools for our students and families,” said Dr. Greene. “School Showcase Saturday is a great opportunity for families to see our schools and meet our school leaders. JTA is ensuring all families can have that opportunity. Considering that JTA also provides free transportation to our middle and high school students through their My Ride 2 School initiative, JTA clearly supports our mission to ensure every child and family has access to an exceptional education. I have a deep appreciation for JTA as a partner to our schools.”

School Showcase Saturday will run from 9 AM – 2PM on Saturday, Jan. 7. Participating schools will host school tours at 9 AM, 10:30 AM, 12 PM, and 1:30 PM.

The event is designed to help families explore both their neighborhood schools, magnet schools and other school options to find the school environment where their child will thrive. 

Enrollment Information

Families who want their child to attend the traditional comprehensive school serving their neighborhood can enroll by visiting their assigned school at any time. The district’s school locater app can help a family determine which school serves their home address.

Duval County Public Schools is a full choice district, which means families who would like to choose a different option for their child can do so.  Families who would like to consider another option must submit a special application. Those applications are due by Feb. 28. Enrollment selection for magnet schools or school options other than the assigned school (known as “special transfer option schools”) is then determined by a lottery selection process. 

Complete information about enrollment is on the district’s new enrollment website.

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